iPhone 5 Screen

iPhone 5 Screen 1.6.5

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

You can download these alternatives:

Turn your Android device into an iPhone 5!


  • Faithful recreation of iPhone 5 look and feel
  • Open Android apps using iOS icons
  • Fun way to fool friends


  • You can't assign apps to icons
  • Mail icon doesn't work
  • Many iOS 6 behaviors missing

Not bad

iPhone 5 Screen is a free application that makes your Android phone look and feel like an iPhone 5.

Rather than being a mod that skins your device, iPhone 5 Screen is a stand-alone application that recreates the interface design of the Apple device. It contains the official icons of the iPhone 5, stacked in five rows, set in front of the iPhone 5 background wallpaper. There's also a dock with four icons, as you'd find on the iPhone 5.

The design of the interface in the iPhone 5 Screen is pretty authentic, although some of the icons are not perfectly designed (the calendar icon, for example, looks scrappy).

In terms of functionality, the icons in the iPhone 5 Screen are assigned to their corresponding applications/functions in Android. So, tapping the Messages icon will launch the Android messaging app, Maps will open Google Maps, Photos will open your Gallery, etc.

Unfotunately, many of the icons in iPhone 5 Screen are unassigned to programs and merely take you to an advertising banner or to a promoted app on the Google Play store. In the case of the Mail icon, it doesn't do anything at all! This limitation wouldn't be so bad if you were allowed to map applications to the icons yourself, but you can't.

iPhone 5 Screen is fun for kidding your friends that you can run iOS 6 on Android, but ultimately it's an app with limited usefulness.

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